My 8 yo son was gone for a few days this week with my Hubby. They were visiting family in Idaho. The 2 girls and I did all kinds of girl slumber party related stuff. We ate far too much junk food and stayed up way too late every night.

Well it was good while it lasted.

He's baaaaaccckkkk! We are on our toes and he has butt heads with everyone in the house. He is tormenting and harrassing his sisters. He is annoying the dog and cat. He is a bundle of energy and mouthy-ness.

He can't seem to sit still or be quiet for even a second. I am sooo glad school starts soon, at least then he will be going to bed earlier and he will have something to do.
Who ever said boys are easier has not yet met Nash.


Karen V said...

I have one at home just like that*sighs*

Jennie said...

ain't parenting fun!?!


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