State Fairs

We have lived in Oregon for 10 years. Today was the first time we have attended the Oregon State Fair. Of course it was sunny, clear and HOT!!

All rides were $1 today so we made the most of it. It was so much fun to go on all the rides with the 3 kids.

We were dizzy for the first portion of the day. There was no bickering amongst the children, the whole family was getting along and laughing and having fun together.

My favorite things: Pronto Pups mmmmm delicious!!

check out their web site for a bit of history and ordering info.

Waffle cones full of soft serve chocolate ice cream, perfect on a hot summer day. Seeing my 8 year old son win a stuffed penguin at a game on the midway. Seeing my 10 year old daughter win a free ice cream cone in the exhibit hall.

Watching other families enjoy their day and some not enjoyable families and looking at mine and feeling very grateful.

Most of all we were a family today, all together, getting along and having FUN!


Amanda said...

Dorinda, sounds like you had an awesome day and I just love love love the picture you took! It is awesome!!!

Lisa said...

I really liked the ferris wheel picture!


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