A 'Sticky' situation

Papercrafting and adhesive.... 2 things that should 'stick' together but often times don't. I have tried Mono adhesive from Tombow for most of my papercrafting projects, also various brands of glue sticks and liquid glues....nothing seemed to want to stick and stay that way...frustrating. I have done a lot of reading and listened to many testimonials on the 3M ATG adhesive gun. Through a trade I am the proud new owner of the 700 model. I found a good deal on the 1/2" double sided adhesive on ebay.
Here is a link to what I am talking about. 3m ATG 700
I am also getting a converter and some 1/4" tape from Franticstamper.com
I have not had the chance to try the gun out yet, the first 2 rolls of adhesive got here today I will keep you all updated on how this works out.
There is a great forum discussion on Splicoaststampers about this product here.
Happy Stampin'


Amanda said...

Ooooh -- pricey, but sounds interesting. Let us know how it works out because I am sick of people getting my cards in pieces because Tombow monoadhesive is not as permanent as it pretends to be *sigh* Lucky you Dorinda!!!

Joan said...

Oh, i LOVE your blog. great cards. Just got the ATG Gun myself!! LOL


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