I participated in the SCS Limited Supply Challenge #79.

The challenge was to use 1 sheet of 12x12 desgner paper and make as many projects as you could, but at least 2 cards and 2 non-card items.

I was really liking this challenge from the get go. I was making notes as to what my ideas were. I made every attempt possible to use as much of the 12x12 sheet as possible. I was left with nothing but a few very small scraps of patterned paper.

I managed to do several really cool items and I am quite pleased with the results.
I was thinking of back-to-school when I did these projects.
There is a tag for luggage or backpack, the incredible idea for that came from Jenn Balcer over at SCS.
There are 4 small round magnets made from the flat round marbles. There is a rectangle magnet, Post-it note holder, a mini composition book. I managed 2 standard sized cards and 1 3x3 card. I also squeezed out to toppers for the 2 little mini zip baggies. On the altered clipboard there is a Jr. legal Pad and a paper clip and token from lil davis, I used a small circle punch from Stampin' Up! and put the patterned paper in there with some Crystal Effects.
Now that I have made it....what do I do with it?


Anonymous said...

You send it all to me of course! :)


Amanda said...

lol -- Ally took the words right out of my mouth! This is just amazing and you can send it all to ME *smiles*


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