I remember....

I had got up for work and was surfing the internet at around 6:30 a.m. PST I ran across a story about a jet crashing into a building in NY, at that time it was thought to be some kind of fluke accident. I finished getting ready for work. As I was driving to work, they interrupted the radio programing with the news that terrorists had flown the plane into the Twin Towers and that America was under attack. I was in shock, I was stunned, I cried. I phoned my husband who was home asleep from working night shift. I said you need to wake up and turn on the TV now...they are saying there has been a terrorist attack on the USA. He was in complete disbelief and shock as I was. When I arrived at work, one of my co-workers was just arriving at the same time, we got out of our vehicles and we were both crying and we immediately hugged each other. We were scared, nothing like this had happened on American soil in our lifetimes. This was not something that you ever imagine happening. The big question was happens next? We spent the day working in a public elementary school trying to carry on as usual. I remember the whole day wanting to do nothing but run home and hug my children and my husband. It seemed the world stood still that day. I kept repeating the phrase...'how does this happen here'
I want to take a moment and Thank every one of our Service Men and Women who do their duty for our country everyday. I also would like to thank the families of those who are deployed, everything you do is for all of us here in the USA.
Thanks to all of the Hero's of September 11, 2001.


Renée said...

Total shock ... I was living in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the time and as a Canadian, I was quite thankful to be living in the US at the time. I felt part of such a large community. Sometimes, we never really say it, but I am very thankful to have such kind and amazing people living south of us. The rescue crews were amazing especially for all those poor families that lost a loved one(s) due to some act of complete selfishness and arrogance. Thanks for sharing your feelings, Dorinda!


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