Wild about Harry?

I am! I am a die hard Harry Potter fan! I love all the books and the movies....they are fabulous stories. I also loved seeing some great T-shirts on the web with the Marauder's Map slogan on them. They always seemed a bit high priced and sold out fast! I recently acquired Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 and so I decided to learn the program and come up with my own design to make my own shirts. I purchased some iron-on transfer paper from ebay, made for dark fabrics. I also followed some tips I read in Simply Scrapbooks Digital Scrapbooking magazine. The August/September issue.
Here is my first design and finished T-Shirt...what do you think? Would you like one? The top photo is the front of the shirt and the bottom photo is the back.


Leslie said...

Would I have to send you a shirt and then have you do it for me????


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