Ok...I know you have all heard the reviews, or maybe you have a teen daughter, or a niece or maybe you just love a good love story, something of a new classic, a tragic love that may or may not survive the odds. This is the Twilight Saga. My daughters, 16 and 13 were talking about the books and the movie and how everyone in school was reading or had already read them. What does a mom do? She goes out and buys the first book and reads it........and then..... the Mom becomes hopelessly addicted to the love story of a teen girl and her teen vampire boyfriend. The books are definitely written for teens but I was hooked anyway, there is a great book store on my way home from work that also sells used books, so I was able to satisfy my addiction at close to half price. I devoured all 4 books in 1 week. Then I just had to see the movie, but I waited for both girls to finish the first book before we went to the theater. The movie had some slow and dull moments but many more good moments. I am a hopeless romantic and both the books and the movie fed that part of my persona in a dreamy way. The young actors in the movie are wonderful, and it ends with an obvious lead into a second movie. We also fell for the soundtrack to this movie, made up of mostly new artists with some great modern songs.
So onto my project, with teens in mind and the craze over Edward and Bella, we got the download of the Twilight Soundtrack from Amazon, and I thought what a cool gift for my daughter to give to her pals for Christmas. We made a few CD's and CD case covers following a template available on PapertreyInk by Lauren Meader
We had a lot of fun creating these CD music covers and the Cd's.


Danielle said...

This is so awesome! You should join us for Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenges! Check out Tonya's blog for more info:

Joyce said...

Such a great idea. We havent' seen the movie yet but hope to over the holiday break.

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

(you are not alone... and I don't even HAVE a teenage daughter! Just a friend with one! I too bought and read all four books in under a week just after 'breaking dawn' came out... sigh... but no one to go to the movie with!)

Rebecca said...

This is really great! Please feel free to join us for Twilight Tuesday's and then Inspiration Challenge:

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Consuelo said...

Where's my copy??? Very cool.


Gary Allan - She's So California