not much new

Just a small post to say that after designing and putting together 21 coaster calendars I finally had the time to clean my stampin' area....boy oh boy was that a chore! I enlisted my 14 yo daughter to help was a 2 person job!
Now that it is all tidy I think I need a new project to mess it up again. I was bored and cold tonight so i decided to break out my knifty knitter collection and Begin a new scarf. I am using the smallest round loom and some pretty black and purple fun yarn, hmmmm hope I have enough (eek!)
I also rented and watched several movies this weekend.
The Lake House.....very good chick flick, romance to dream of.
World Trade Center.....very well made, focus of the movie was on the NY Port Authority cops that were trapped and not on the actual planes and terrorists. It was moving and inspirational.
The Da Vinci Code....I had already seen this at the Theatre when it came out, it was so true to the book that it almost spoils the movie...kwim? It is good but not blockbuster good. Mostly I find it a very interesting blend of history and fiction.
The Balled of Ricky Bobby/Talledega nights....Funny!



Gary Allan - She's So California