Rockin' Girl Bloggers

I was tagged by Karen AKA: Gamblemom over at Texas Chattin' Bunny Rescuin' Softie Stamper.
I got to wondering where did all of this Rockin' Girl Blogger stuff start at anyway? I searched and I found the origins HERE
So now to think of 5 Rockin' Gals who have not been thought of yet......EEK!
1. Colleen at Distinctive Touches
2. Mad's House!
3. Melissa's Moments
4. Cambria
5. Sharon
Hop on over to these great Rockin' Girl Blogs and check them out today!!


Cambria Turnbow said...

DORINDA!! I didn't know you had a blog! OMG... I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for the rockin tag babe!!

Have a super day!

I LOVE your blog!! DANG!!!

Leslie said...

What is with this???


Gary Allan - She's So California