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If you are interested in my shirt design there are a few ways of obtaining it.
#1 email me with you interest and I can print the design onto transfer paper and send it with directions to you for $5.00 plus postage per design. If you want the front and back design it can be yours for $7.00

#2 I can email you a file of the design for $2.50 for 1 or $3.50 for a front and back design. Then you can print it out on transfer paper your self.

Some tips:
If you want to print onto a dark fabric get transfer paper that is made for dark fabrics..usually an opaque transfer, also make sure it is compatible with a hand iron.
Follow the directions with your transfer paper exactly.
By some extra parchment paper you may need it.
Here are some options when looking at buying transfer paper.
Neenah Iron man Transfer Paper

I bought some from ebay recently that worked well for me



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