Get Organized???

Are you kidding me? How on earth does one stay freely creative and organized? I have no real idea! *giggle* But I pursue the thought often. I am one to organize and re-organize, and never find complete happiness in my mess. I actually function fairly well in some what of a mess but...there comes a time when too much clutter can cause my creative energy to come a screaching hault.
I am always looking for new ideas for organization, honestly most of the knowledge I gleen from SCS
I thought I would put up a few pictures of what I currently have in place for storage and organizing some of my many crafting supplies.
I store my card stock in a file cabinet in hanging files. My card stock is all from Stampin' Up!

I store all of my 12x12 papers in this system that I got at a local variety store..Fred Meyers. There are 3 drawers with hinged lids that snap closed. Very easy to pull out and go.

My ribbons, well some of my ribbons are stored in ribbon boxes, like these 2 from Target. I also have one from snapware, also from Target.


Amanda said...

So funny that you posted on getting organized. I recently got a new file folder thingy from IKEA to store all my papers in . . . and hope to get that set up this week *smiles*


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