Are you ready for a Challenge?*update*

I have completed 118 cards today!! These were swap cards, and over 60 of them were just card fronts....they are now all 118 full cards, ready to be delivered to the Troops!

Ok I have a challenge for all stampers out there...are you ready? Are you up for a challenge? Can you do it?

I was watching TV a lot this past week....a of of season finales to see, I saw a commercial for A Million Thanks.
I had a 'light bulb' moment, I had a bunch of old swap cards and card fronts from at least 3 years ago and up to more recently....what was I saving them for? I also had many blank RAK cards that I have relieved over the past few years, so I gathered them, sorted through them and have 2 stacks.
1 stack of full 36 cards ready to go and another stack of 64 card fronts waiting to be made into full cards.
That is 100 cards for A Million Thanks.
Can anyone match or beat this?

Now my challenge for everyone who reads this to see how many cards you can come up with for this cause or any other cause that is currently accepting card donations.
Please comment to this and leave a link to the organization that you are sending your cards to. Please participate, I am so relieved to have found a purpose for all 100 of the beautiful handmade cards in my possession.

Here is a link to thread on SCS about donating cards to charity.


Karen said...

Darn it all........I just sent a package to the troops with about 40 cards in it!

Dorinda said...

well cool that counts!


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